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Reflective Essay

            This semester, I have learned a lot about myself as a writer.  I have learned from the many mistakes I made.  I used the lessons I learned last semester to prevent making the same mistakes again.  I have also learned that I can create ideas while writing that may seem to be irrelevant to an ordinary writer.

            I came into the class in the beginning of the semester with a positive attitude toward writing.  Even though writing was never my best subject, I’ve always done well.  I’ve always had the basic mechanical skills to write.  Things like spelling, punctuation, and grammar were never a problem for me.  My problem with writing was that I could never express my full thoughts on paper.  It’s like I know what I want to say and I know what I want the reader to read, it just never comes out that way.  Either the topic is too broad or too narrow for me to express my true thoughts about it through writing. 

            The reading and writing about literature class allowed me to develop new ideas through writing.  I never knew I could create ideas about people, places or things that seemed not to matter in a story.  I’ve learned how to look at words not just for reading but for their meaning also.  I’ve learned that you have to look past the words when reading for its true meaning.  Being in the class this semester gave me a chance to look at writing in a different perspective.  At first, I only wrote because I had no choice.  I never wrote for personal reasons.  It was always for an assignment at school or something my parents told me to do.  Taking a writing class made me realize that writing is something that can be enjoyed.  I also enjoyed the class because the professor never really gave us a topic to write about.  He gave us an idea or subject and allowed us to develop our own thoughts to write about.  He allowed us to look at one thing from many different perspectives and we got to choose how we wanted to approach our writing.  This helped me because I wasn’t stuck with just one idea to write about.  It also allowed my true writing style to show in my writing.

            Next semester, I plan to take what I learned this semester and use it to help me with my other classes.  I will not only use it for my writing classes, but for all of my classes.  I will continue to learn more about myself as a writer and writing in general. 

            Every semester I learn more about my writing style.  I know I will continue to make mistakes when I write, but I also know that practice makes perfect.  I will continue to learn lessons from those mistakes, which will allow me to eventually prevent any mistakes when I write.  I enjoy writing so much that I’ve even started a personal journal.  I write in my journal everyday.  I know that keeping a journal will help me with writing because it is practice.  One day soon, I hope I will be able to hand in all my essays with confidence.